Original established in 1945 under the name "Carter Bros."

In 1985 we became Amertek Inc. producing a wide variety of
equipment including the Shu-Pak side-loader. In 1990, a
corporate reorganization of Amertek Inc. resulted in the
formation of Shu-Pak Equipment Inc. as a separate corporate
entity. Currently we operate out of facilities in Cambridge and
Chesley, Ontario, Canada.

The company has remained a leader in this industry, introducing many improvements and innovations throughout the production of the Shu-Pak. For example, Shu-Pak Equipment Inc. was the first to introduce a production model smooth sided body on a side-loader.

Another example: in the early 1990's, the company developed and subsequently secured Canadian and USA patents to a horizontally split body incorporating two loading hoppers and separate storage compartments designed to contain conventional garbage as well as recyclable materials, in the same body. This meant one truck could be used in place of two, on many routes.

This was known as the Shu-Pak II, and has continued to evolve. The current models offered are known as Pac-King® models and incorporate separate compartments for up to three different materials on the same truck. It is designed for different uses such as wet and dry refuse, refuse or recyclables and newsprint. Highly customized variations of these models have been successfully developed and produced. The original Shu-Pak side-loader also remains a mainstay in the product line.

We are always happy to custom build a truck to suit your needs. This includes radical modifications like a left and right stand-up cab conversion. An example of this configuration was done for the City of St. John's Newfoundland in 2007. These trucks could be operated from one of the three selectable positions.  Click on the photo below to see these trucks.

Our company is your best source for professional, value driven refuse equipment.