Shu-Pak Equipment Inc. believes that saving lives and preventing accidents is a top priority in the Waste & Recycling industry and offers protection for all vulnerable road users (pedestrians, cyclists, motorcyclists) against the risk of falling under the sides of the vehicle and being caught under the wheels. This side guard feature is offered free of charge to all municipalities and private companies when requested at the time of purchase of your new Pac-King Side Loader.
There has been a several attempts by Olivia Chow, MP (the official opposition transport critic) to introduce Bill C-344 a Private Member’s Bill (PMB) that she introduced in the House of Commons in the fall of 2011, in it she is asking to amend the Motor Vehicle Safety Act. Which in short is a bill that would make sideguards mandatory on all heavy trucks. Recently Olivia Chow in question period asked: "How Many More Deaths Before Sideguards are Mandated?". The real question is, do we really have to mandated by law to try and save lives?